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Passionately advancing the Kingdom of God, We boldly go where few may follow.

So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace. ~ Romans 11:5

Pastor Harvey helping to build a Habitat for Humanity home on a Crossfire team trip to Vietnam.

Living Kingdom-Minded

The Remnant of God

The remnant of God is a group of people who are scattered all over the world.  This group of people is dedicated to following God at all costs.  The various cultures in which we live employ different types of corruption.  We refuse to allow Biblical values to be dislodged to assuage the desires of society. Click here to learn more about the remnant.

The Remnant

Living Kingdom-Minded requires a broader perspective.  It requires a world view that incorporates God’s plans into our own.  Jesus taught us about the Kingdom of God throughout His ministry.  He did this so that we might have life (on earth) more abundantly (the best way possible).  Find out more here.

Our hope is that you will come, stay and grow with us, be challenged, and be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:19)!

In our grace-based environment we want to see you grow roots of faith that are established in love as you begin to understand how much the Lord loves you. (Eph. 3:17, 18). We hope to see you bear fruit -- fruit that will last, as Jesus appointed (John 15:16).  Get to know us and you will see the large impact we are making in our community and in all corners of the world. Together with Deborah Ministries International,(Deborah Ministries International is the parent ministry of Crossfire Church) and CrossFire International Alliance, we have reached over thirty nations for the Good News of Jesus Christ -- salvation by faith and grace (Romans 3:21-24).

Who We Are

“Passionately advancing the Kingdom of God, We boldly go where few may follow.”

Crossfire is a church family that exists beyond the benefit of our own members to the benefit of advancing the Kingdom of God.  We are passionate about carrying the message of Jesus to the four corners of the world.  We desire to obey God above all else, and although we love His people, we don’t place their opinions above His.  More than making God’s people comfortable in His house, we desire to make God comfortable in His own house by being a people focused on Him and His desires.  We are a remnant church, willing to go against the grain of our culture in order to live and declare the Truth of the Word of God.

We acknowledge our responsibility to God’s Kingdom is bigger than filling a seat every Sunday morning.  We desire to equip people to carry out the call that God has placed on their lives.  We recognize that each person has an individual call and we have a corporate call as a church.  We tend to our family’s individual calls by raising people up in the truth of the Word, offering mentoring and training programs, as well as frequent opportunities to minister as the Holy Spirit leads.  We tend to our corporate call by moving as a team in the direction that the Holy Spirit leads including beyond the local church.  As we walk out our daily lives, we are Kingdom Minded, always putting the daily grind in the perspective of the bigger picture - His Kingdom picture!

Our priority is equipping our people to make a difference in the world "outside the walls" of our church. We understand that most of life happens outside the walls where our walk of faith as Christians is put to the test. It is also where we as Christians make the most impact: in our families, our schools and workplaces, and in every corner of the world. A body of believers that is impacting their world around them can reach exponentially more people than one pastor of a church.


Living Kingdom Minded

Our Guiding Principles

We find our worth and value in who we are because of Jesus Christ.

We have all we need in life and Godliness through His finished work on the cross.

We seek to eliminate emotional and spiritual walls between us and other people.

We employ servant-hood principles in reaching the lost and in making disciples of those we reach.

We never exalt ourselves above those we lead and serve.

We never exalt those we lead and serve above God.

We seek to develop sending capacity before seating capacity.

We measure the effectiveness of our ministry through changed lives.


Karol Wilson hands out care packages to refugee children in Thailand.